I was born in Brescia in 1989. I grew up in Franciacorta’s country side, a beautiful place where you can appreciate the incredible landscapes drinking superb wines.

From Sept ‘03 until June’08 I attended the high school @ Istituto Madonna della Neve in Adro (BS) - IT where I focused my attention on classical studies and in June ‘08 I obtained the “Maturità Classica” (humanistic studies) high school degree.

I decided to shift my studies into biological sciences from 2008 until 2011, period of time during which I studied and I obtained the Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology bachelor degree @ University of Milan - IT on Oct ‘11.

I moved to Zürich (Switzerland) on Feb ‘12 where I attended a two-years Master Course in Computational Biology and Bioinformatic @ Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ).

In Feb ‘13 I joined Prof. Konrad Basler group for a small research project (lab rotation) @ IMLS (Institute of Molecular Life Sciences - University of Zürich) under the supervision of Dr. Simon Restrepo that successfully ended in Oct’13.

From June ‘14 to Jan ‘15, after my master thesis project on modelling D. melanogaster tubular organs through FEM simulations, I was a Research Assistant under the supervision of Prof. Konrad Basler (UZH) and Dr. Yanlan Mao (UCL). In this period of time, I was involved in the software engineering of EpiTools, an image processing software for epithelial tissues.

In Feb’15, I joined Dr. Maria Anisimova bioinformatics group as a PhD candidate in computational science and phylogenetics at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil (ZH). In Feb ‘18, I moved back to University of Zurich to complete my PhD in the group of Prof. Dr. Christian von Mering. On 4th Dec ‘18, I defended my PhD thesis titled “Realistic Evolutionary Models for Phylogenetic-Guided Analyses” and I successfully passed the doctoral exam at University of Zurich.

Since Aug, ‘19, I am a non-executive board member of Country Rose SRL, a shirt company founded by my parents. In this role, I am responsible for:

Until Apr ‘20, I worked as Cloud Engineer/Architect at Amanox Solutions AG, in Bern (CH), and in this role:

I assisted many customers during their journey to the cloud. Among my clients, I worked with:

In June ‘20, I started working in the Digital & Commerce Tecnology department at Alpiq, AG. At first I covered the role of Cloud Engineer in the Application Operation Support team, and lately I took on the responsibility as Technical Lead. In this role, I coordinate the implementation and execution of business-driven cloud projects, and I support the introduction of DevSecOps strategies and cloud-inspired engineering best practices.


I studied the evolutionary molecular and epidemiological dynamics of viral diseases affecting the human population on a global scale, and how to implement a new class of evolutionary models which account for incorporing insertion and deletions events into phylogenetic reconstruction.




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