Nach der Gedenkanlass für Fabian Heinz Jenny

Aula der Universität Zürich - 29. Okt 2016

Fabian Heinz Jenny

Fabian Heinz Jenny
27. März 1985 - 20. Oktober 2016

Dear Fabian,

I have found myself wandering in the room that hosted you, as a hiker lost in the mountains without the compass. I am expecting to see you there again, smiling at me, telling me your jokes about how silly I look like when I am worried about nothing. But your room is empty, your belongings are gone, and I am alone there. I look at the window hoping to see you coming back home. I see the trees painted with beautiful colours, immersed in a peaceful white fog, and I wonder if you will ever open the door of our apartment again. But our life journeys went apart, on that night, when everything changed forever. 

You deserved more life. We deserved more life to live together. The same breath-taking life that was taken from your hands before time. Those hands that I held the first time when we met and that I have never left. We were united by the same passion, the same intense desire to conquer our ambitions. You fascinated me and dragged me to follow my dream and my goals. You turned the table of my life and you helped me pushing away the phantoms of my fears. Everything was simple with you around. Nothing ever scared you. You could read my thoughts, you knew the extent of my pain, my sorrow and you could walk in the dark corners of my soul. 

You were the gentle inhabitant of my heart. A constant in the trouble waters of my existence. We had our unique and exclusive way to be friends. You took our love and you transformed it, moulding it in a new shape, without boundaries, without conditions and standards, as we never believed in artificial definitions.

We walked together for a brief instant of our lives, and I followed your lead. Now, I want to believe that we are still walking together… you just a few steps ahead of me.


Zürich, 29 Oct. 16

Computational Molecular Evolution at NanoTalks

Predicting influenza evolution using global high granular datasets


People in Mexico City wear masks on a train due to the swine flu outbreak throughout the surrounding region – Epidemia de Pánico

During the course of evolution, pathogens exploited new and better strategies to infect the human body. A well-known case is influenza disease, which evolves extremely rapidly in order to escape and elude the human immune system. With the increasing of availability of molecular data, new computational methods (i.e. phylodynamic models) are needed to describe and unveil the close association between a more-and-more global and dynamic society and its pathogens.

More at NanoTalks -- May 26th 2016 at 7pm at University of Zürich, Main Building KOL-E-18